Slip lining is one of the original methods of trenchless rehabilitation for existing pipelines since the 1940’s. Like its other trenchless rehab counterparts, slip lining will repair leaks and can restore structural stability to an existing pipeline. 

Slip-lining is perhaps the oldest of all trenchless techniques. A new pipe is either pulled or pushed into the host pipe in need of repair. Although a practical solution, the process reduces the diameter of the new pipe as it requires it to have an outside dimension smaller than the inside dimension of the host. Sliplining requires a minimal radial clearance. The annular space is subsequently grouted. The most common sizes are around 6 inches to 48 inches of length.

Typical applications IPR’s slip lining capabilities include the trenchless reinforcement of the following piping materials:

• Sanitary Sewers

• Storm Sewers

• Culverts

• Pressure Applications

• Can replace pipe from 6” to 48” diameter

• Requires only one point of entry and exit

• Installs new pipe with a 50-year design life