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The underground infrastructure running under industrial plants is reaching or has exceeded its expected design life. A pipe collapse can be catastrophic on an industrial plant's operations, budget, and worker safety. As a national leader in the rehabilitation of underground infrastructure, IPR provides a comprehensive portfolio of trenchless rehabilitation technologies to support a wide range of industrial sectors:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Chemical Processing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Heavy Industry

IPR’s innovative trenchless pipe rehabilitation methodologies are safe, cost-effective and less intrusive than traditional open-cut pipe repair options. We understand that you have budgets to work within. Therefore, we offer a turnkey mapping and assessment of your system and prioritize critical areas of concern. Our solutions are capable of relining and structurally restoring process sewers, maintenance holes and culverts with time-tested, corrosion-resistant products.

Industrial Safety

IPR has dedicated itself to the health and safety of its employees, subcontractors, and clients. It's not only an operational requirement but core to our business model. Our team of EH&S managers mandate training courses and performance evaluations to ensure safe operating practices. Committed to eliminating injuries, we comply with and exceed all industrial job site safety requirements. Our genuine dedication to EH&S has produced impressive results:

  • Recordable Incident Rate of .94 vs. Industry Rate of 3.0
  • DART Rate of .31
  • Severity Rate of 25
  • Employer Modification Rate of 1.0

It is our goal to have 100% accident-free and injury-free projects.

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Our Services

Our industrial services division specializes on the unique needs of our industrial client base.

Cured In Place Pipe

CIPP is the most widely specified trenchless rehabilitation solution and is considered the most cost-effective method for extending the design life of the deteriorated pipe infrastructure. The application is ideal for sanitary, storm, and pressure applications. IPR has six wetout facilities strategically located throughout the nation to support its clients. Using the Invert-A-Pipe product, IPR has the capabilities and experience to install CIPP liners ranging in diameter from 6 inches to 144 inches. IPR offers two CIPP repair solutions for all types of pipes. For standard installations, we recommend our Isophthalic resin-based liner technology system. For stricter requirements and harsher environments, we offer an advanced lining system featuring eco-friendly epoxy resins. With millions of feet installed worldwide, our system delivers a non-invasive and permanent solution that minimizes downtime and maximizes cost savings.

Pipe Splitting

IPR is the largest pipe splitting contractor in the nation. With the most installed footage in the industry, IPR has the expertise to resolve the most complex projects. Pipe splitting is the ideal solution when the host pipe’s structural integrity has been severely compromised or when the demands on the system are greater than the host pipe’s current flow capacity. The process utilizes a splitting hammer pneumatically powered with continuous percussion to break apart the host pipe. The hammer is equipped with an expander and attached to a constant tension winch which guides it through the host pipe. As it travels through the pipe, the expander forces the fragments into the surrounding soil while the new HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) pipe is simultaneously pulled in place behind it.

EcoCast - Geopolymer Lining System

IPR brought geopolymers to the trenchless rehabilitation market with its EcoCast lining system in 2010. EcoCast is a geopolymer spray application for large diameter sanitary and storm culverts. Using engineered designs, IPR’s crews rehabilitate aging and deteriorating pipes by applying geopolymer material at structural thicknesses. The application recovers and protects the pipe surface by filling in voids, cracks, and other defects while also restoring joints. EcoCast extends the life of the host pipe while providing corrosion resistance and eliminating infiltration.

Condition Assessment

IPR offers in-house CCTV inspection and evaluation services. We utilize advanced pan and tilt cameras to perform a 360-degree inspection of the pipe, including detailed views of any lateral connections. A thorough inspection is made to assess the condition of the main line and joints as well as identify cracks, holes or other breaches in your pipe. We then provide complete damage assessment and repair recommendation.

Industrial Pipe Cleaning

From small diameter lines to large diameter waste drains, IPR provides industrial pipe cleaning services that remove build-up and blockages, such as debris, calcite, roots, waste, and other obstructions. Industrial pipe cleaning is safe, effective and cost-saving. We treat each project uniquely and ensure pipelines to be clean thoroughly with no wear. Industrial pipe cleaning is the easiest way to increase production, improve pipe capacity, prolong pipe lifespan.

Flow Control

IPR can handle all your turnkey bypass and pumping needs. We will evaluate, engineer, develop, and manage your bypass system. Time costs money. At IPR, we provide a 24/7 pump watch to ensure the pumps never fail or leak to ensure maximum operating efficiency. Our solutions are customizable to your needs. We provide all the equipment needed, including, pumps, dry-priming pumps, pipes, and fittings.

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