Industrial Services

Our industrial services division specializes on the unique needs of our industrial client base. With a focus on safety, our teams understand the importance of working within the timeframes of plant shutdowns or other parameters that limit disruption to your operations. We understand that downtime is costly and we have the right solutions to address your pipe infrastructure needs. 

As a national leader in the rehabilitation of underground infrastructure, IPR provides a comprehensive portfolio of trenchless rehabilitation technologies to support a wide range of industrial sectors:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Chemical Processing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Heavy Industry

IPR’s innovative trenchless pipe rehabilitation methodologies are safe, cost-effective and less intrusive than traditional open-cut pipe repair options. We offer an extensive portfolio of solutions that support a variety of applications:

  • Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) Rehabilitation
    • Gravity Pipe
    • Pressure Pipe
  • Pipe Splitting
  • Slip Lining
  • EcoCast – Geopolymer Lining System

We also understand that you have budgets to work within. Therefore, we offer a turnkey mapping and assessment of your system so that you can prioritize critical areas of concern. We will prioritize your system based on what puts your facility most at risk of an outage and recommend the best application for repair. Assessment and maintenance services include:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Bypass & Pumping Services
  • CCTV Inspection & Cleaning
  • Engineering & Design Services

IPR has dedicated crews, trained to perform within the strict safety standards of the most demanding industrial facilities. We have the credentials and experience to perform in highly regulated environments. Whatever the challenge, IPR can work within your planned maintenance shutdowns to complete your projects on time and on budget.

At IPR, our goal is to have 100% accident-free and injury-free daily projects. We dedicate ourselves to the health and safety of all our employees and subcontractors. Safety protocols and practices are engraved into the IPR culture. Every day we are committed to no injuries, complying and exceeding all job site safety requirements and advocating safety culture throughout our business. Safety is our number one priority.

Safety Culture
At IPR, we advocate a culture of safety on every project. We urge employees to speak up when they see hazards because every employee at IPR is a safety manager and has made a commitment to protect his health & safety and that of those around him.

Safety and health policy training is mandatory for all IPR employees and subcontractors before entering a job site. Training classes include Personal Protective Equipment, Confined Space Entry, and Pre-Use inspections.

On The Job
Our designated IPR safety managers perform daily safety evaluations and audits. Audits and performance reports are evaluated regularly as we are continuously working to improve our safety program. The program utilizes set checkpoints, but also values the feedback we receive from our crews.

The underground industrial infrastructure of sewers, pipelines, and drainage systems are fundamental keys to the growing business. IPR Industrial offers industrial solutions and rehabilitation for all industrial client's infrastructure needs. 

Cured-In-Place-Pipe (Gravity & Pressure Lines)

CIPP is one of the most widely used and technologically advanced trenchless rehabilitation methods to restore damage permanently, corraded and leading pressure water, sewer, gas, and process piping. The CIPP method is extremely effective in pipes ranging from 4" to 144" in diameter and has proven to be safer, faster and less expensive solutions when compared to pipe replacement.



Pipe Splitting

Pipe Splitting is a form of trenchless pipe replacement that allows for increases in pipe diameter and capacity. 

Pipe Splitting is the process of "splitting" the head being pulled through the existing  pipe. Constant pressure from the head forces the old pipe to split and fall away; allowing new HDPE pipe to be simultaneously pulled through behind it. 

EcoCast - Geopolymer Lining System

EcoCast is an extremely  effective spin cast or sprays applied method of rehabilitation for large diameter pipe, culverts, manholes, wet wells, and other infrastructure. 

The EcoCast System utilizes a high-performance geopolymer that is precision applied and proven to protect and structurally restore pipes and infrastructure. EcoCast applies quickly and has an excellent cure rate to get your pipes and structures back into service faster. 


  • IPR Industrial uses "trenchless" solution to reline and structurally restore partially collapsed process sewer pipe at a chemical plant. View Here
  • Pulp & Paper Mill Raw WaterLine Rehabilitation. View Here
  • IPR Industrial Services renews manholes at a refinery. View Here

IPR Industrial Services' innovative trenchless pipe rehabilitation methodologies are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and less intrusive than traditional open cut pipe repairs. Whatever the challenge, our complete project management services, and problem-solving capabilities assure solutions that meet the most exacting requirements.