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The EcoCast Advantage

Completely Trenchless Application

Unlike other pipe rehabilitation solutions, EcoCast is a completely trenchless process with no surface disruption. No digging is required. For municipal clients, this eliminates traffic concerns and disturbance to the community. For industrial and commercial clients, workers can continue their daily responsibilities and with no loss in production time. 

High Mobility and Exceptional Portability

Compared to alternative trenchless rehabilitation solutions, IPR’s EcoCast process uses a fully contained unit with portable and collapsible equipment. This makes manhole access and easement work feasible without major effort or disruption.

Applicable to Any Surface

IPR has introduced a proprietary system that combines the most advanced application equipment with a high-strength, low porosity geopolymer, specifically designed for consistent application and long-term performance. EcoCast will successfully restore your concrete, brick, or corrugated metal storm and sewer pipes. It can be applied to circular and non-circular structures and is particularly effective for large diameter pipes. 

Cost - Effective

When using EcoCast, our clients receive a superior product at an inferior cost. The elimination of cold joints allows the process to start and stop in adherence to the most optimal performance schedule eliminating the need for 24-hour operations. The material also cures quickly providing shortened by-pass time and allowing the system to be re-established in abbreviated periods. This benefits the neighboring communities from a cost and disturbance perspective.

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The EcoCast lining system is used to install a cementitious geopolymer liner inside storm or sanitary sewer pipes. The result is a structural application that stops water infiltration and protects it from chemical attack. The pipe surface is cleaned, and a cementitious geopolymer liner is spin cast applied to the interior surfaces using a retractable sled or hand application for larger diameter culverts.

• EcoCast liners form an inorganic polymer network for higher resistance to acids and greater surface durability.

• Cures quickly providing shortened by-pass time and allow your systems to be re-established much quicker.

• EcoCast is exceptionally resistant to environmental factors like heat and cold.

• EcoCast is specifically designed for ease of use with mechanical pumping and spray application methods.

Typical Applications EcoCast will successfully restore your concrete, brick, or corrugated metal storm and sewer pipes. It is particularly effective for large diameter pipe sections starting at 36”.

Application Types:


  • Sanitary Sewers 
  • Storm Sewers 
  • Drainage Culverts
  • Manhole & Wet Wells