Safety Principles

Guiding principles that shape safety as a core value

  • Engaged operations management leadership
  • EH&S accountabilities is a critical component of IPR’s business strategy
  • Senior management safety advisory council established to ensure operations owns/drives safety performance
  • Quarterly employee safety education forums are conducted to reinforce safe operating practices
  • Risk management practices integrated into business strategy and performance management
  • Safety database developed to share real-time actionable safety information to operations stakeholders
  • Routine safe practices auditing of job site activities – using mobile devices
  • Seasoned highly professional safety team to support operations
  • Enterprise OHSAS 18001 system to identify safety process gaps
  • Individual accountability for safe conduct is a condition of employment
  • New-hire onboarding facilities educating employees on job risks and counter measures used to prevent on-the-job injuries
  • Safe operating practices are guided by general industry best practices