Quality Control

Corporate Policy Snapshot

IPR’s corporate and project quality control program is designed to assure quality is maintained in all operations. The program deals with adherence to the health and safety plan, project QA/QC plans for sampling and testing, construction operations, project planning, and design functions.

As a part of QA/QC procedures, we conduct the following audits:

  • Work Plan Development Quality Control Review to assure that the document has been reviewed and developed by the appropriate personnel and that planned operations are planned to meet applicable regulations
  • Weekly project safety audits and equipment check
  • Weekly auditing of project reporting requirements
  • Audits are also conducted when key personnel are changed


IPR’s installation success hinges on experience and performing each task using the highest quality equipment. IPR specifies and invests in such equipment to ensure each project is completed and performs as promised.

CIPP Curing
  • Vericure Thermal temperature Monitor – Assesses cure temperature continuously along the full length of a CIPP liner during installation. This information helps ensure storm and sewer lines are rehabilitated to specification, and perform as intended. Designed to distinguish even small thermal variances, VeriCure measures average temperature in successive 1.5″ zones.
Lateral Reinstatement
  • IST Power Cutter – a multi-functional system with milling robots for Diameters from 4″ – 28″. It is a highly engineered design featuring no supply lines on the outside of the cutter, 360° arm rotation, multi-directional arm movement, and delivers real-time updates through powerful support software.
  • IMS Robotic Micro Lateral Reinstatement – Small diameter lining has always posed installation problems, especially when lateral connections need to be reinstated. IMS’s unique creeping/climbing function lets the cutting head to extend beyond normal distances and pass through bends and fittings. This allows reinstatements to be achieved in normally inaccessible locations. The MICRO premium cutter not only functions are pipes as small as 3 inches in diameter, but with skid, attachments can function in pipes up to 10 inches in diameter.

Construction Inspection

On-site inspection personnel will be responsible for the day-to-day inspection of ongoing activities. IPR’s inspection staff reports to the site superintendent for the coordination of daily activities. All inspection activities are documented in appropriate Daily Inspection Reports and forwarded to the CQC representative for inclusion in the CQC representative’s Daily Report. All IPR QA/QC procedures are tailored to meet the applicable Delivery Order required for each job site.


All tasks conducted by QA/QC Representatives, Field Inspectors and Procurement Inspectors are recorded on appropriate activity forms and used on the project approval prior to implementation. Quality assurance records are maintained at the job site until project completion. Typical documents supplied:

  • Daily Inspection Reports
  • Daily Reports to Inspector
  • Contractor Quality Control Daily Report

Final documentation will involve compilation in orderly manner of all relevant contract items that were accomplished under IPR’s contract. Items will include:

  • Daily field activities reports
  • As build drawings by marking prints of the contract and reference drawings
  • Change orders
  • Waste disposal manifests and trip tickets
  • Copies of permits and/or licenses used for the project
  • Available photos if authorized and taken during construction
  • Field meeting notes
  • Schedule updates used during the project if applicable
  • Pertinent subcontractor’s documents
  • Test and inspection data/reports; and over available pertinent documents
  • Time sheets
  • Safety record

COVID-19 Update

As we work through the impacts of COVID-19, we remain committed to the health and safety of our employees and their families first. While following guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO), we will continue to provide service to our customers and community. We understand that these are difficult times, and we are committed to helping the community by hiring those seeking employment. If you feel that IPR could help you, follow the link to our current job opportunities.