Washington D.C. : DC Water’s East Side Interceptor


Washington, District of Columbia

Installation Date

January 2019


District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority


1,848 LF of 10” CIPP
545 LF of 12” CIPP
404 LF of 15” CIPP
3,228 LF of 51” CIPP
7 manhole rehabilitation


The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority has recently launched a daring project for improving its system infrastructure. The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) or “Capital Program,” comprises the financing, acquisition, development, and implementation of permanent improvement projects for the District of Columbia’s fixed assets. The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority is currently in a critical phase of the program: sewer rehabilitation projects throughout the city. This involves the rehabilitation of the East Side Interceptor NE southbound through the east side of the National Arboretum. The East Side Interceptor is a 51-inch diameter brick and concrete sewer.


Inland Pipe Rehabilitation, LLC or IPR was chosen for the project. A  recommended solution was the installation of their CIPP liner: Invert-A-Pipe® to the series of damaged pipeline throughout District of Columbia. IPR’s CIPP liners are vertically integrated within the company’s manufacturing line. All CIPP liners are manufactured, resign impregnated and shipped to the project locations by IPR. Each In addition to rehabilitation of the East Side Interceptor, this project also included, Site protection/clearing/access to complete 1,848 LF of 10” CIPP, 545 LF of 12” CIPP, 404 LF of 15” CIPP, and 3,228 LF of 51” CIPP; installation of 8 manhole structures; and the rehabilitation of 7 manhole structures.


With adequate traffic control, signage and protective barriers, IPR was able to construct and rehabilitate the several projects with a minimal construction footprint. IPR successfully installed all the LF CIPP Liner ahead of schedule and are currently in the final stages of closeout.