Nashville International Airport: CIPP Rehabilitation of Over 700 feet


Nashville, Tennessee

Installation Date

December 2016


Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority


650 LF of 60” CIPP
700 LF of 72” CIPP


To accommodate the region’s booming population growth and meet the needs of the airport’s record-breaking passenger increases, the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA) unveiled a record-breaking $1.2 billion renovation and expansion project in July 2016 that touches virtually every corner of the airport. Blakely Construction Services -the selected general contractor for the renovation - subsequently subcontracted Inland Pipe Rehabilitation, LLC or IPR to upgrade and rehabilitate the underground infrastructure. Of significant concern was a 72-inch diameter pipe measuring nearly 700 feet in length that showed signs of corrosion and leakage into the groundwater. In addition, two 300-foot and 350-foot lengths of smaller 60-inch diameter pipe showed signs of deterioration. 


IPR proposed relining the pipes with a Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) liner system using DION® IMPACT 9102-61, a premium vinyl ester resin designed explicitly for cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) applications requiring the highest degree of chemical and temperature resistance. IPR used 140,000 pounds for the entire project.


IPR’s team of project engineers and CIPP installation crews worked closely with Blakely Construction Services to develop a strategy that would maximize the quality of the installed liners while minimizing the impact on the airport’s operations. A major challenge was the location of the job site itself. Big as a football field, the work area was located adjacent to the airfield and terminal ramp and required security escort services throughout the project time.  Despite the combination of hot temperatures and challenges of the work environment, the pipe rehabilitation project was completed ahead of schedule. After numerous quality checks on the installed CIPP liners, the liners were structurally sounds and had the required chemical resistance. IPR returned the entire project are to Blakely Construction as they continue with Nashville International Airport renovations.