Project: Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation by Cured-In-Place Pipe Method

PM Construction & Rehab, LLC – ITB: D/M/WBE Certified Firms


Project: Wastewater Collection System Rehabilitation and Renewal - File No. 4235-121

Project Location: Houston, TX

Bid Due Date: 11/17/2022

Quotes Returned: 11/14/2022


Pre CCTV/Cleaning - 562998

  • 6"-10" Sanitary Sewer
  • 12"-15" Sanitary Sewer
  • 16"-24" Sanitary Sewer
  • 26"-30" Sanitary Sewer
  • 33"-48" Sanitary Sewer


Open Cut/Point Repairs - 238910

  • Of Various Depts 6-30” in diameter
  • Fencing Replacement
  • Concrete/Slab Replacement
  • Asphalt/Paving
  • Traffic Loop Detector


Traffic Control - 561990


Manhole Rehab - 237110

  • New Frame and Cover
  • Manhole Inserts


Bypass/Dewatering - 237110


Asphalt/Paving & Concrete – 237310/238110


Landscape - 561730

  • Tree Removal

Specs/Plans /Questions– Ashden Middlebrooks | | 470-503-5624

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