$5,000 for CDLs - Applies to valid Class A or Class B

$1,000 paid upon completion of your 90-day evaluation
$1,500 paid after 6 months
$2,500 paid after 12 months


$1,000 for any field labor position with a driver’s license

Paid upon completion of your 90-day evaluation


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Program valid through October 31, 2021.*

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Project Owner: Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC)

IPR Northeast, LLC – ITB: Certified MBE/SLBE Firms

Approved Certification Agencies: Maryland DOT | Prince George's County Supplier Development & Diversity Division (SDDD) | District of Columbia's Department of Small and Local Business Development (DC-DSLBD | Capital Region Minority Supplier Development Council (CRMSDC) | Women's Business Enterprise Council Greater DMV (WBEC)| 6a. Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) Firms approved by WSSC | 6b. Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) Firms – Service Disabled Veterans

(SDV) approved by WSSC | WSSC 

Project Owner: Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC)

Project Title: CI5335A17 – IDIQ ESA Sewer Main Repair, Replacement & Rehab. in Prince George County, Maryland

Bid Date: 10/14/21

Quotes Returned: 10/01/21 – 5:00 P.M.EST

Scopes Needed:

  • Open Cut Work
    • Replace Sanitary Sewer Pipe 8”at 0’-20’ Depth
    • Replace Sewer House Connection 4” by Excavation; 0’-20’ Depth
    • 8” Diameter pipe Sewer External Point Repair at 0’-12’ Depth
    • Furnish and Install Manhole over Existing Sewer, Type 1 or 2, 4’ inside dia. with F&C
    • Furnish and Install Inside Mainline Drop Connection
    • Locate Existing Buried Manhole - In Paved Area
    • Reset/Set Manhole Frame and Cover
    • Furnish New 24”-36” Manhole Frame and Cover
    • Manhole Grade Ring Adjustment
    • Manhole Riser Adjustment
    • Prince George’s County Roads Restoration
    • 4” Concrete Sidewalk
    • 6” Concrete Driveway
    • Curb and Gutter Replacement
    • Gravel- Trench Backfill
    • Borrow Material- Trench Backfill (Replacement of unsuitable material)
    • GAB: Graded Aggregate Base
    • Flowable Fill
    • Miscellaneous Concrete
    • Rock Excavation
    • Tree Trunk Protection (per tree)
  • Erosion Control
    • Native Shrub Replacement (up to 36")
    • Seed Grassing
    • Sod Grassing
    • Pruning (Trimming)
    • Tree Removal (greater than 4” DBH)Grouting
  • 8” Diameter Sewer Pipe Bursting
  • Traffic Control- Flaggers, Std. Signs & Cones, Lane Closures, etc.
  • Clean/CCTV-8” Sanitary Sewer
  • Manhole Rehabilitation
    • Chimney Seals
    • Cementitious Reconstruction for 4’ Inside Diameter Manhole
      • Approved Manufacturers.

a. IPA systems, Inc.

1) Octocrete (trowel).

2) Drycon (brush or trowel) (Non-Structural Application only).

3) Drycon SM (spray gun).

4) Drycon SMF fiber reinforced.

b. The Strong Company, Inc.

1) Strong-Seal MS-2A.

2) Strong-Seal MS-2C (mild corrosion resistance).

3) Strong-Seal High Performance (high corrosion resistance).

       c. AP/M Permaform.

1) Permacast MS-10,000 (corrosion resistant).

2) Permacast MS-10,000 with Con-Shield (anti-bacterial additive).

3) Permacast CR-9,000 (calcium aluminate cement) (trowel).

                                    d. Sauereisen.

1) F-120 Underlayment (calcium aluminate cement) (trowel).

2) F-120 FC Fast Setting Underlayment.

3) F-121 Substrate Resurfacer.

                                   e. QuadEx.

1) Aluminaliner (calcium aluminum cement).

                                   f. WBE Dorcas, Inc.

1) Dinjer CMS 10K-A

                                   g. Parson CA liner 100+

                                   h. Or Equal.

  • Spray-on Epoxy Liner for 4’ Inside Diameter Manhole

                                  1) Sauereisen.

a) Sewer Gard No. 210 Sprayable.

b) Sewer Gard No. 210 Rotary Spray.

c) Sewer Gard No. 210G (Non-Structural Application Only)

d) Sewer Gard No. 210 FS

e) Hi-Build Filler Compound No. 209HB (Non Structural Application


                                   2) Raven.

a) Raven 400S (Non Structural Application Only).

                                   3) Terre Hill.

a) Hydropoxxy (Non Structural Application Only).

                                   4) AP/M Permaform.

a) Cor+Gard (Non Structural Application Only)

                                  5) SprayRoq, Inc.

a) SR6100 (Non Structural Application Only). .

                                   6) Warren Environmental, Inc.

a) S-301-14 Epoxy Spray System.

b) M-301-18 Epoxy Trowel-On Mastic System.

c) S-301-20 Thermaflex (Non Structural Application Only).

d) SG-201 Injection Grout (Non Structural Application Only).

                                   7) WBE Dorcas, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO

a) Dinjer SG Mastic – Two Part Epoxy.

                                   8) Epoxytec CPP – Sprayable.

                                   9) Or Equal

Specs/Plans – Jennifer Elder | jelder@teamipr.com | 404-927-4603