Project: FY 2023 Local Drainage Program (LDP) Contract #3

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Project: FY 2023 Local Drainage Program (LDP) Contract #3

Project Location: Houston, TX

Bid Due Date: 09/01/2022

Quotes Returned: 08/30/2022


  • Cleaning
    • Blast Cleaning of pavement markers
    • Storm Sewer cleaning 18” – 72”, and box sewers
    • CCTV storm sewers Smaller than 30” – 96”, box culverts
  • Traffic Control Plan
    • Traffic Control – Flaggers, Lane closures, standard signs and cones
    • Traffic Control and Regulation
    • Tree and plant Protection
    • PPCA
    • Install, relocate, and remove concrete low profile traffic barriers
    • Stabilized construction exit
    • Traffic signs, install, relocate
    • Chain link fence and gate
    • TXDOT Safety end treatments
  • Open Cut
    • Remove and replace pipe bollards, Mailboxes
    • Transportation and disposal of ground water
    • Debris and trash (tires, all sizes) removal and dispose of in landfill
    • Clearing and grubbing
    • Mowing
    • Herbicide
    • Remove and dispose of trees up to 36” diameter
    • Zero curb cutback
    • Checker-plate
    • Remove and dispose of, and install existing concrete curb and gutter
    • Remove and dispose of, and install asphaltic surface with and wo/base, gravel driveways, concrete pavements, misc. concrete and masonry
    • Milling
    • Remove and dispose of, and install concrete sidewalks, wheelchair ramps, driveways
    • Roadway excavation
    • Lime stabilizer
    • Cement stabilized sand
    • Saw cut concrete and asphalt
    • Type A & D Hot Mix Asphaltic
    • Flexible base
    • Reinforced concrete pavement 6” – 12” thick
    • High early strength 6” – 12”
    • Street Lighting
    • Temporary remove pavement markers, and install Thermoplastic markers
    • Loop detector
    • Flowable fill
    • Point repairs
    • Ground water control
    • Trench safety plan
    • Manhole adjustments
    • Remove and replace manholes, storm sewer heads, storm pipe, leads, box culverts, trench drain inlets, junction boxes
    • Grout fill abandon storm sewers 30” – 72”
    • Grade Rings – 18” – 72” Storm sewer
    • Elliptical or Arch pipe by open cut
    • Storm, culverts RCP by open cut 18” – 90”
    • Augering 24” – 36”
    • Storm Tunnel 42” – 78”
    • Box storm sewers 3x1 – 8x8 open cut
    • CMP storm sewer outfall with and wo/ Timbers
    • Rip rap, Geotextile, topsoil
    • Reinforced concrete Channel lining
    • Gabion
    • Inlets Type A, B-B, C, E
    • Sliplining
    • Fire Hydrant assembly
    • Water lines removed, dispose, install with and wo/meter box
    • Cut and plug abandon water lines
    • Wet connections
  • Manhole Rehabilitation
    • Lining
  • Landscaping
    • Tree planting
    • Drop inlet baskets
    • Inlet protection barriers
    • Sandbag and straw bale barriers
    • Sediment traps at storm inlet
    • Filter fabric barrier
    • Storm water pollution prevention structures
    • Brush berm
    • Sediment basin w/pipe or stone outlet
    • Hydromulch seeding
    • Sodding

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