Pre-Chlorinated Pipe Bursting Heading North

November 2006

Indiana Project Marks Milestone for Process in Midwest

Pre-chlorinated pipe bursting is a distinguished trenchless technology in Europe for the past 20 years. It wasn't until seven years ago when Florida became the first state to approve the new method in the United States. Now the method is making its way down to the Midwest.

"Fort Wayne, Ind., contracted Murphy Pipeline Contractors (MPC) to use pre-chlorinated pipe bursting to complete a 10,000-ft water main replacement project in a residential area. The project started in late July and finished in early September — about seven weeks in all. " - Trenchless Technology

Pipe Bursting has been used in the United States for main sewer pipelines, however, hasn't caught up with water distribution pipelines. Todd Grafenauer, Murphy Pipeline Contractors' jack-of-all-trades, consulted with the Fort Wayne project. The main obstacle for MPC was introducing the new technology of pre-chlorinated pipe bursting to a pre-existing market. “Nobody’s known about it,” Grafenauer says.“This project was the opening up for the Midwest.”

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