Murphy Pipelines: Pioneers of Pre-Chlorinated Pipe Bursting Set the Standard in Michigan

June 2009

The static Pipe Bursting method continues to gain popularity thanks to Murphy Pipeline Contractors who continue to push the trenchless technology into new heights. A recent project in Livonia, Michigan demonstrates the versatility and capability of the static pipe bursting method.

"The City of Livonia needed to replace approximately 23,000 ft of its undersized and deteriorated 6- and 8-in. cast iron and ductile iron water mains and the installation of about 4,000 ft of new main. This aged and undersized system had a history of breaks, along 14 different streets.
Engineering firm Hubbell, Roth & Clark Inc. (HRC), Detroit, was called in to develop the project to upgrade the system. According to HRC, the construction contract documents were developed so they would allow the trenchless and traditional approaches to be bid against each other, thereby allowing the bidding process to determine the most cost-effective means of replacement." - Jim Schill, Trenchless Online

HRC identified 16 priority areas and separated them into 6 project areas. Once the pits were identified and prepared, Murphy Pipeline Contractors pulled an 8 inch, 300- 500 linear feet HDPE lining through the entry pits. Resident within the area only experienced a 6 to 10-hour water service interruption.

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