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IPR awarded NASTT's 2021 Outstanding Trenchless Paper Award for No-Dig Show

November 2021

Bill Sharpe, Business Development Manager of IPR Southeast, and Joe Royer, Vice President R&D of Geotree Solutions, were both awarded the NASTT's Outstanding Trenchless Paper Awards for Rehabilitations and New Installations for their "Columbia Canal Brick Arch Tunnel Geopolymer Lining in South Carolina" in November 2021.

'Five years prior to the main project, the owner did an early technology evaluation and pilot project. “This gave us the opportunity to show the current larger effort as well as the success of the earlier projects,” explained Joe Royer. “The support of the asset owner on the difficult access issues on the project also helped shape the narrative.”'

The paper successfully shows the use of geopolymer and spray application technology, including IPR's EcoCast process as an important part of the trenchless industry. “The work we at GeoTree Solutions and our contracting partner on this project IPR have done to develop the technology showcase viable solutions for large-diameter projects.” - Joe Royer.

These awards recognize excellence by commending authors of the best NASTT No-Dig Show papers each year. The winning papers were presented at the 2021 NASTT No-Dig Show in Orlando, Florida. Columbia Canal Brick Arch Tunnel Geopolymer Lining in South Carolina is featured in the fall issue of Trenchless North America.

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