Georgia Tech CIPP Repair

May 2013

Georgia Insitute of Technology or commonly known as Georgia Tech spans out more than 400 acres within Atlanta, Georgia. In October 1888, Georgia Tech opened up its establishment and school grounds. At the time, there were only 84 students compared to the present over 21,000 undergraduate students walking through campus today. The growth has taken a toll in the University's stormwater drainage system. In response, Georgia Tech implemented comprehensive stormwater management and drainage improvement programme. One of the main goals was to improve the storm run-off and sewer system. This plan also includes the development of the Eco-Commons on campus - a natural retreat for students which includes trees, shrubs, and native plants.

Georgia Tech's original lead contractor in charge of Eco-Commons project had little experience with trenchless repairs. Ultimately, IPR Southeast was later awarded the project after an initial contractor interview. Once the project was approved to proceed, IPR took a fast approach to inspect the situation. The inspection reveals there was a bit of preparatory work needed before installation. IPR decided to use it's EcoCast crew to make pre-installation repairs within the 72 inch RCP lines. The filling allows of the annular space allowed the lining crews to install CIPP straight through the portions of the arch pipe to ensure a seamless liner from manhole to manhole.

After the pre-installation repair, the CIPP was created within IPR's wet out facilities and transported to the Georgia Tech campus. There was minimal surface disruption during the whole process and the large diameter, 72-inch CIPP liner job was a success. IPR worked diligently around the clock to make sure the project was completed on time. The surface environment was relatively unscathed, and the storm sewer system was rehabilitated to improve stormwater flow rates.

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