Fully Structural Renewal of 39 inch PCCP Water Transmission Main with CompressionFit™ and HDPE

Project Background

The Gulf Coast Water Authority (GCWA) has identified a major potable water supply main in need of replacement. The 39-inch PCCP water transmission main, owned by GCWA  and operated by the City of League City, feeds the water plants supplying water to the western quadrant of the City of League City. The transmission main, originally constructed in 1971 to supply the surface water to the city of Galveston, interconnects between GCW’s Thomas S Mackey water treatment plant and the City of Houston Southeast water purification plant. In addition, this approximately 6,800-foot section of Calder Road was scheduled for reconstruction and widening.

CompressionFit™ Technology 

The CompressionFit™ (previously known as Swagelining) technology was developed over 30 years ago by Murphy Pipelines Contractor in conjunction with United Utilities. With an extensive list of completed projects across the globe, the technology has been proven in many extreme projects spanning three decades onshore and subsea. Projects have been completed for water, sewer Force main, mining, hydrocarbons, chemicals, bulk products, and Gas Distribution. the overall confidence of the technology originates from an extensive physical testing program conducted by Murphy Pipelines Contractors over several years. 

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