Emerging Trends in Drinking Water Rehabilitation

May 2012

With the nation's drinking water systems in need of rehabilitation, new techniques and technologies have emerged to efficiently update the U.S. infrastructure system. Pre-chlorinated pipe busting with HDPE pipe, which has a 10-year tenure in the United States, has been brought up to the subject.

" Twelve years ago when I brought the technology over from the United Kingdom, I was, frankly, a little shocked that the country that put a man on the moon and controls the .com universe was still using 20-ton excavators with 4-ft wide buckets to install 6-in. pipe through the middle of subdivisions. It was then that I realized that there was a need for pre-chlorinated pipe bursting." said Andy Mayer, President of Murphy Pipeline Contractors

Pre-chlorinated pipe bursting could pave new paths and opportunities for the trenchless rehabilitation market. The technology has become more prominent in the past 10 years and will continue to lead innovation through the next coming years.

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