EcoCast Thwart Threat of Sewer Collapse

July 2012

A large, severely deteriorated Houston sewer line could cause the collapse of a road at the intersection of a major highway was averted by a timely trenchless rehabilitation project. EcoCast geopolymer liner was used to reline 700 feet of 72-inch diameter pipe that crosses under heavily-traveled U.S. Highway 59 in Northeast Houston.

EcoCast is a high-strength, fiber-reinforced geopolymer that can be applied by mechanical pumping, spraying and trowel application. EcoCast liners form a crystalline structure for higher resistance to acids and greater surface durability. There were multiple complications within the project: hot summer temperatures, the ongoing traffic within the site and the pipe depth. Although the challenges where present, IPR's high expertise profile serves the project well. The liner’s initial cure occurs in a matter of
hours. Once the liner has initially cured, the Anti-Microbial System coating is applied to the pipe’s surface. Full flow may then be released within 24 hours of AMS application.

IPR is one of the nation’s largest trenchless rehabilitation contractors and provides a comprehensive portfolio of trenchless rehabilitation services.

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COVID-19 Update

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