EcoCast Stormwater Rehab in El Cajon California

July 2015

The City of El Cajon, California has suffered consistent long-term exposure to excessive groundwater flowers, severe corrosion and several offset joints of corrugated metal pipe in number places. The city's stormwater system was in dire need of repair. As a result, the city put its 2013 project into a bid for a rehabilitation project. Inland Pipe Rehabilitation or IPR was awarded the project with a big under the engineer's estimate.

The scope of the project was a 3,000 of pipe rehabilitation with diameters ranging from 6 to 48 inches in diameter. The pipeline was positioned under the narrow streets and pristine yards of an upscale residential neighborhood. After some project analysis, IPR and the City of El Cajon decided to open their rehabilitation options towards the geopolymer option. IPR EcoCast system using Geospray from Milliken Infrastructure Solutions was employed for the pipes larger than 36 inches in diameter.

EcoCast is a highly recommended trenchless technology for pipes greater than the CIPP requirements. One of the biggest challenges within this project was redirecting the current traffic and providing buffer zones for the team. Although there were lane closures, it is considered minimal compared to standard trench digging technologies. As for EcoCast, the construction footprint and getting the spray within the pipeline itself was minimal.

The application process was monitored closely throughout the whole coating period. After the initial in-depth cleaning of the broken pipe, the Geospray application was turned on. The pump delivers the geopolymer material at a consistent rate and pressure. Once applied, it takes within 12 hours for the application to harden and for the pipeline to get back into the business.

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