EcoCast Application at Sears Crosstown Box Culverts in Memphis, Tennessee


In 2015, the City of Memphis’ Sears Crosstown box culvert system was under inspection. The inspection included the evaluation of twin 8’ x 10’ concrete box culverts, each a length of 500 linear feet, that are part of the Madison Heights drainage basin. The assigned engineering firm concluded that rehabilitation was needed for the system and suggested slip lining in the culvert as well as spray-on lining system. After the full inspection, the system had severe corrosion, spalling and cracking. Inland Pipe Rehabilitation, LLC (IPR) was awarded the project in early 2017, due to the company’s expertise in box culvert repairs.


IPR recommended their EcoCast geopolymer lining solution for the job and applied a minimum of 1.5” of geopolymer mortar to recover and protect the steel structure as well as fill in voids, cracks and other defects that were allowing water infiltration into the culvert from the surrounding soil. The EcoCast lining system is used to install a cementitious geopolymer liner inside a storm or sanitary sewer pipes. The result is a structural application that stops water infiltration and protects it from chemical attack. The pipe surface is cleaned, and a cementitious geopolymer liner is spin-cast applied to the interior surfaces using a retractable sled or hand application for larger diameter culverts.

" No digging is required. For municipal clients, this eliminates traffic concerns and disturbance to the community. For industrial and commercial clients, workers can continue their daily responsibilities and with no loss in production time. "


Once the city and the engineer approved the design, work began on the culvert in earnest in early November 2017, after delays in the summer of 2017 due to excessive flooding in the area that made dewatering the culvert impossible. However, the project was completed in early January 2018. The City of Memphis was please for the fast turnaround time and box culvert system was reopen. The City of Memphis continues to assign IPR with new projects, including the rehabilitation of the upcoming AW Willis project.

The project was completed in January 2018. The City of Memphis concluded on the complete of the final culvert rehab. This was the second use of geopolymer technology within the city in 18 months.