CompressionFit™ as a method of trenchless pipelines rehabilitation


Pipelines are a rather economical and eco-friendly way of transporting liquid and gaseous fluid, like natural gas, water, oil, or district heating, covering long distances. Pipelines transport huge amounts of energy safely, quickly, and economically. This is an extremely gentle and efficient way of transportation. High demands of operational safety and equipment used, as well as regular intensive checks of operating process, applying the latest techniques, assure the high safety standards of this transportation system.


The present study outlines the advantages of using trenchless methods for the rehabilitation of pipelines made of steel, concrete, cast iron, etc. The authors describe the causes of the carrier Pine aging methods of their inspection and renovation. The technical aspects of choosing the renovation methods are also presented.


In the 1980s in the 1990’s all an explosion of new pipe installation and repair techniques would minimize the need to dig continuous trenches to Berry the pipeline, so-called trenchless Technologies. The Trenches technologies have been widely applying for the rehabilitation of various pipelines such as sewage systems, gas pipelines our water supply systems. There has been a characterize the CompressionFit™ ( previously known as Swagelining) technology which has been based on one of the metalworking Technologies and namely the sinking of pipes.

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