City of Houston 30-inch Water Transmission Main Replaced by CompressedFit HDPE Lining


The City of Houston was faced with a need to renew a 30-inch connection pipeline that was approximately 7,600 linear feet long. The water main was made out of a steel cylinder reinforced concrete (SCRC) and prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP). The mainline was about 37 years old and was beginning to show numerous leaks.

During the design phase and selection process, the technologies of CompressionFit, slip lining, and CIPP were considered. Among the other technologies, CompressionFit was chosen as the technology due to its minimal disruption, less time for installation, long design life, and low expense.

The rehabilitation of the 7,600 linear feet of the 30-inch diameter waterline included the replacement of three 30-inch diameter butterfly valves with 48-inch operator manholes, three 16-inch butterfly valves, the replacement of five air relief valves, and various cross-connections. The placement of valves, blow-offs, and tees was relocated based on the constructability of the project.

A major challenge with the project was the location of working within a tight utility corridor with limited room for construction activity. This challenge was addressed early on throughout the project. Due to Murphy Pipeline Contractors' extensive amount of teamwork and coordination with the City of Houston, FCM engineers, inspection engineers, and a number of local agencies, the crew was able to properly plan, adapt and execute the project.

The 30-inch main water transmission represented the first CompressionFit (previously known as Swagelining) project completed by the City of Houston.

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