City of Houston 30-inch Main Replaced by CompressionFit™ HDPE Lining

Project Background

The City of Houston was faced with the need to renew a critical 30 inch well collection line. The steel cylinder reinforced concrete (SCRC)   and pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP)  water main require replacement of approximately 7,600 ft near the Katy Addicts Pump Station along Scenic Ridge Drive.

This existing 30 inch main was 37 years old and beginning to show numerous operational problems due to joint leaks. 

CompressionFit™ Technology 

The CompressionFit™ (previously known as Swagelining) technology was developed over 30 years ago by Murphy Pipelines Contractor in conjunction with United Utilities. With an extensive list of completed projects across the globe, the technology has been proven in many extreme projects spanning three decades onshore and subsea. Projects have been completed for water, sewer Force main, mining, hydrocarbons, chemicals, bulk products, and Gas Distribution. the overall confidence of the technology originates from an extensive physical testing program conducted by Murphy Pipelines Contractors over several years. 

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