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CIPP Used on 54-In. Sewer Pipes in San Antonio

August 2010

San Antonio Texas Water System (SAWS) received a report of an enormous sinkhole developing on Benita Street, close to Misson Concepcion. Currently, SAWS services approximately 1 million residents in Bexar County, including about 325,000 water customers and 350,000 wastewater customers.

The SAWS Operations team quickly responded to the report and barricaded the area for further investigation. The team quickly reached out to their provided contractor, LNV Engineering, with authorization to proceed and design a solution. The sinkhole has developed in front of a resident's house and residents in the area had to be evacuated to safety while LNV Engineering determines the source of the sinkhole. The source was two 54 inch diameter pipes and a deteriorating junction box. Due to its location, potential access points were impossible to access without increasing the risk of the sinkhole and the other houses nearby.

SAWS and LNV Engineering quickly developed a design and plan for the repairs. After review, Inland Pipe Rehabilitation South Central (previously known as RePipe) was chosen for its trenchless expertise and solution-oriented approach. IPR South Central's General Manager, Mike Vellano, said " We know there were a lot of unknowns with the site, but felt we could with LNV and SAWS in a collaborative manner to put the best solution in place, and meet all challenges appropriately." Instead of sliplining, Vellano consulted with the client to determine the right solution for the project.  After careful consideration, Cured In Place Pipe was chosen as the best solution to clean out and extend the junction box. The team determined a customized CIPP solution that would best fit the given field conditions and pipeline network of the general area.

CIPP lining serves as the most sensible and affordable renovation over any other trenchless solution, including slip lining and traditional open cup replacement. If the City decided to perform a true open-cutting method, the City would have needed to buy some area properties, demolished the houses, then dig and replace the existing pipe.

The collaborative solution created by Inland pipe Rehabilitation South Central and LNV engineering held numerous benefits for the city of San Antonio and the neighborhood. The CIPP solution  I was able to save time, save considerable amounts of money, was less intrusive than traditional methods, reduced clean up time, used fewer materials and energy, and performed at the fast turnaround time

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