California Culvert Rehab

September 2016

Beginning in 2002, the corrosion of a culvert pipe structure within the 80-acre business park become known within the City of Vista. The City of Vista, located in the heart of Southern California's industrial and commercial hub, began seeking recommendations on the repair of the 15-ft diameter aluminum arch culvert. Any solution with minimal construction footprint was highly needed from the city. The city wanted to minimize impacts to the sensitive areas surrounding the project sites, including coastal sage scrub and wetland habitats.

The City of Vista has considered several rehabilitation methods for the jobs. Sliplining was rejected as a potential option due to the limitations and size of the repair pipe. The City of Vista seeks out Inland Pipe Rehabilitation or IPR South Central for recommendations. EcoCast and it's geopolymer solution by Milliken Infrastructure Solutions (MIS) came into the plan. EcoCast would work well to coat out the large diameter structures. The GeoSpray mortar can be customized based on the type of project involved.

During the rehabilitation project, the IPR crew was challenged with the asphalt removal process which had previously locked in the pipeline structure. IPR was able to construct a slab thick out of EcoCast's high strength materials. IPR imported 5-inch gravel, fixed #2 rebar and poured a 5- inch thick layer of geopolymer.

With a crew of only five installers and one project manager, IPR completed the project within budget, and within the estimated two-month time frame with no overtime or weekend work required.

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