Austin, Texas Embraces Pre-Chlorinated Pipe Bursting in Water Replacement Program

The City of Austin, TX has an aggressive program to replace its aging water distribution system. The City also has strong values in the protection of the environment. In the early summer of 2010, the Austin Water Utility in conjunction with Public Works implemented their first pre-chlorinated pipe bursting project with Murph Pipeline Contractors.

The pipe bursting method is considered a "green" technology and assisted in reducing the environmental impact on the surroundings. Only surgical excavation and restoration by over 85% compared to the traditional open trench. The efficiency of the method also attributed to the overall success as Murphy Pipeline Contractors crew averaged replacing 500 feet per day. This production rate meant crews were only visible to each homeowner for one day.

As this was the first pre-chlorinated pipe bursting project completed in the City, careful consideration went into selecting a contractor to ensure the project's success. While Texas is known to have a considerable number of sewer pipe bursting contractors, water pipe bursting presents unique challenges. Numerous project meetings were held prior to construction to address all of the Water Utility and Public Work's questions and ensure all construction methods, material and procedures would fit within the City of Austin's Specifications.

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